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The founders

Meet Abhishek & Corrie Shirsat, the original two of Red Earth House.

            After 3 years of a nomadic life together, not settling in any particular place, they felt ready to start putting their skills and love into a project of their own. Little did they know, when moving to a humble house in a rural part of Chiplun, that a space was being awakened. A space that would accommodate more than just themselves.

            Abhishek's professional background lies predominantly in Nature conservation and the research into the behaviour of snakes. However, natural building and creating spaces from the materials of the land has become his passionate place of exploration. He also is a creator of tattoos, only working in the figurative field of snakes! He draws directly onto the skin, moving with the contours of the body to match the flow and movement of the Naga.



Corrie's main focus has been tattooing for the past 7 years, it's been a way to understand boundaries in sensation, folk cultures and the connectivity of the body via pattern. She also has a creative outlet in embroidery and textile art, finding parallels between fabric and skin. She has found that the quiet and isolation of Red Earth House to be an integral part of keeping her artistic pursuits honest.

They now permanently share Red Earth House with their newborn Shesha, a curious and playful soul! Alongside the grey bundle of fur that is Dhuni the persian cat.

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