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           It all started with a home, Pehli Kutia, meaning “First House”. It is the base and original site of Red Earth Commune, now known as: 



            Red Earth House is a place of exploration, rewilding, creativity and initiative. It requires each individual to be fearless and disciplined in their interests and incredibly calm through the simplicity of living. A home where the comfort is in the sounds of the forest at night, where your family can be transient “strangers”, and where your shelter should leave you wondering how to take a slice of R.E.C with you on the road.

          The house creates opportunities, from explorative tattoo sessions, to organic farming and collaborative creative projects all depending on the time of year and what our environment dictates. However the limits are really set by the individuals that stay, and what they bring to their time at Red Earth House. 

          The idea of sharing the space was really born during the transformation process of the shelter. Many individuals stayed at the site, working selflessly to get the house into a beautiful living condition. We noticed the lessons that were being learnt through this service, technically in skill and internally in heart and mind. It started to become clear that this space was unique. It offered people time, simplicity, a closeness to nature and also to their personal crafts and practices. 

        We hope to welcome you one day in the future, and we look forward to meeting your way of seeing the world.

Currently, we are residing just outside of Chiplun in the Kokan region of India.


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