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workshop stay
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A few notes on your stay:


  • Firstly, getting to the House can be made easier with our village richkshaw wala. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a pickup service from Chiplun bus or Train station.

  • All food and drink is provided during your stay, this is predominantly vegetarian, with rice as the basis of the gluten-free option. If you do have specific dietary needs please be prepared to bring the items you need with you.

  • We do ask that everyone that stays at Red Earth makes 2 trips to the well daily to contribute to the water we drink and use for other purposes.

  • All payments for the courses is made in Cash Only, please keep this in mind before arriving at Red Earth, as the village does not have an ATM.

  • All sleeping is “dormitory” style with individual mattresses and double-bed mosquito nets. On busy occasions sharing a net might be necessary. If this possibility is an issue please bring an extra mosquito net for your individual use. Own personal tent accommodation is also possible!

  • What Red Earth boasts in natural beauty and creativity, it lacks in mobile network! Please keep this in mind if you need to be in a range of contact. Or enjoy the slide into off-grid bliss.

The Workshop stay is uniquely made for when specific practitioners run a course at the House, or for when an exciting project arises from Red Earth. 


This can include:

- Natural Building

- Yoga courses

- Meditation Courses

- Music

- Embroidery Workshops

                                               ...and more!

This "Stay Option" was created so the House could be used collectively for a common goal. Often we're running around each other completely immersed in a task of our own, making time to eat meals together. However, the workshops and courses allow us to extend our creativity, awareness and bond through a shared experience that lasts several days.

Further details on the workshops will be offered through our Instagram page, so make sure you give it a follow and hit "notifications" to not miss out as places will be limited for each course! 

Workshop Stay
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Thanks for your interest, we'll get back to you ASAP!

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