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Length of Stay Options: Up to 5 days

Prices: ₹800 per day.

A few notes on your stay:


  • Firstly, getting to the House can be made easier with our village richkshaw wala. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a pickup service from Chiplun bus or Train station.

  • All food and drink is provided during your stay, this is predominantly vegetarian, with rice as the basis of the gluten-free option. If you do have specific dietary needs please be prepared to bring the items you need with you.

  • We do ask that everyone that stays at the House makes at least 2 trips to the well daily to contribute to the water we drink and use for other purposes.

  • All sleeping is “dormitory” style with individual mattresses and double-bed mosquito nets. On busy occasions sharing a net might be necessary. If this possibility is an issue please bring an extra mosquito net for your individual use.

  • Payment for your stay is in Cash Only, please keep this in mind before arriving at the House as the village doesn't have an ATM.

  • What Red Earth boasts in natural beauty and creativity, it lacks in mobile network! Please keep this in mind if you need to be in a range of contact. Or enjoy the slide into off-grid bliss.

Red Earth House is new like a little plant shoot. It needs to be nurtured, watered and loved in order to grow and become strong enough to support all the flowers it will produce! This is where you come in!


The "Skilled Concession" visitor is invited to stay at Red Earth for a reduced cost in exchange for 4-5 hours of service a day. We really value our skilled concessions for their initiative in finding fruitful tasks and helping greatly in the growth + improvement of the house/garden.

Duties can vary depending on the number of people staying at the House, however you’ll usually find a task in the following categories:


Landscaping/Gardening. Farming. Structural projects. Cooking. Home improvement/DIY. Photography/cinematography. Community projects. Workshop Assisting. Decoration.

There's never a dull day at Red Earth, and there's always another a task waiting for our attention, we hope the concession visitor will mirror our own efforts, and also join us in the time of rest.

After your service is complete, the day is completely yours to explore the forest, take in the natural beauty at the house, or explore an individual practice!


Skilled Concession
Application Form

Thanks for your interest, we'll get back to you ASAP!

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